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Bud S. Moker, Th.C.

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Ya’ll know me from my site SmokingWithStyle.com. I’ve decided to expand my reach within the marijuana community by creating a couple more sites. Now, you’ll have a “cool” site to check out for all of your growing info and soon I’ll be making an announcement about the 3rd site the “Smoking With Style Family.”  🙂

Toke to ya soon,

Bud S. Moker, Th.C.

Sharnya WolfCat/Angel Dreamer

Sharyna claims the city of San Mateo CA as her home town.  But it is in the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas where she spent the most time.  Living in a small town an hour west of Reno NV, she began growing only about five years ago.

In that time, trained by Fred Thornbury (a Master Grower), she herself became heralded as a West Coast Master.

Besides growing, Sharyna is a poetress, and author.  Several years ago, she penned the, now unavailable, novel:  Cokewhore: My Life In Lines.  (The story of Teri.  A woman trapped in the misery of cocaine addiction and the hardcore things it made her do.)

Currently single, Sharyna now spends her time far away from CA, in the woods of Middle TN.  Unfortunately, due to the repressive laws of TN; she no longer grows, much to the dismay of her TN patients.  Confident the laws will soon change, she vows she will return as a grower.

Sharyna is the developer of a particularly potent mutant strain of “Sugar” and prefers growing in coco.



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