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Marijuana Use: Workplace Rules vs. Drug Laws

14 July, 2017

Even in states where marijuana use is legal, about a quarter of people will never use it. There are also about a fifth of people will use the drug regardless of its legal status.

Vaping: How to Use Mods for A Better Experience

12 July, 2017

The smoking industry has received a huge hit since the inception of the vaping industry. A lot of people have already cut down on smoking due to the benefits they get from vaping.

Growing Marijuana: Steps 1 and 2

04 February, 2015

Although the process of growing marijuana may seem complicated, if you have the right information and supplies you should have no problem reaping quite the harvest (within legal standards of course).

Overwatering Marijuana Plants

11 June, 2014

Overwatering Marijuana Plants: How do you know when too much is too much and too little is too little? Right?


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