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Marijuana Seeds

In the 70’s, a long time ago, growing Cannabis was different. Most people did not know what they were doing. They were doing crazy things like throwing a handful of marijuana seeds out the back door and seeing what grew. Seeds were easy to find. They popped up every now

marijuana soil

Marijuana Soil and Hydroponics

Ok, today I’m going to talk dirty to you. We’re going to get down and dirty, possibly for hours to talk about the right marijuana soil or other growing medium. Have I got your interest yet? Great, let’s go for it! To the nursery that is. We are going to

marijuana fertlizers and additives

Marijuana Fertilizers and Additives

In last chapter we talked dirty: In this chapter we are going to talk sh*t.  And not just regular sh*t, we’re talking bull, bat, and synthetic.  Don’t worry, we’re going to take them one by one and figure them out. MARIJUANA FERTILIZERS AND ADDITIVES STEER MANURE Cow manure it often

growing marijuana

Growing Marijuana

We are going to discuss light, water and, what we like to call, Nutes (Nutrients).  Remember, you are chef, doctor, caretaker, etc. to your plants.  You are everything to them.  Love your plants and they will love you back. GROWING MARIJUANA Growing marijuana can be easy when you know the

flushing your marijuana

Flushing Marijuana

When smoked, non-flushed plants are easy to spot. Ever see that black gunk that “goos up” your pipe? That is the result of not flushing enough. MMJ ash should be grey and suck thru a bong with no problem. This is because nutrients contain minerals and minerals are metals. FLUSHING

Drying Marijuana

Drying marijuana (and curing it) is the final step of our cultivating sequence.  It is a 3-step process which is necessary in creating buds which smoke great, are easy on the lungs and have the best possible taste. DRYING MARIJUANA Drying marijuana can take up to 6 weeks, though 2 weeks

marijuana pests and problems

Marijuana Problems and Pests

Now you’re growing!  But what’s that?  It looks like white dust on the bottom of the leaves.  So you dig out the loupe or magnifying glass and inspect further.  Yuck!  You have spider mites.  It is said that you can’t have a true Indica without spider mites.  True or not,


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