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Growing Marijuana

growing marijuana

We are going to discuss light, water and, what we like to call, Nutes (Nutrients).  Remember, you are chef, doctor, caretaker, etc. to your plants.  You are everything to them.  Love your plants and they will love you back.


Growing marijuana can be easy when you know the basics such as lighting, nutrients, PH, and watering.


And let there be light.  In this chapter, we’re going to discuss the growing of a healthy plant.  (Although in my opinion, Cannabis grows better in groups.)  There are three types of light that we will discuss here.


I know a lot of people who grow outside under the sun.  Sunlight is natural, the plants like it and it’s free.  However, if you’re outside, you have to think of security and the like.  Sometimes, that can cost you more in dollars than just building a greenhouse.


Artificial lighting can be expensive, but is usually worth the additional costs.  After all, you have 100% control of everything meaning you can grow year round.  (In a bit, we will go into light cycles.)


Did you know that your plants don’t need a lot of nutes to produce a lot of Cannabis?  In fact, less is more and organic is always best.  As for brands, one is typically as good as the other.  On the label you will notice three numbers.  For your early feedings, you will want to choose nutes with a high first number. The higher the better.  Later on, you will want a high second number and then a high third number. Also, keep in mind that soil is not the same as coco.  Each has a need for specific nutes.  It sounds funny, but you are not actually feeding the plant, you are feeding the growing medium, be it soil or coco.  Feeding is more technical with Hydro.  Unlike soil or coco (which only feed while you’re pouring water on it), hydro feeds on a 24 hour cycle in three phases.


The clone is fed by a drip halo that uses a nutrient solution contained inside the bucket.


The pot is transferred to a different bucket and uses two attachments connecting an intake hose and a drain hose.


This reproductive stage is much the same as Phase Two.  The only difference is the nutrient solution and frequency of filling the reservoir.

With the hydro set up, you must make sure to change the nute solution once a week.  Drain the water from the bucket and reservoir, clean and rinse everything and refill.  (Sterilize all the components each time you change water to keep your plants from becoming diseased.)


Another thing you’ll want to do is check your PH.  PH level is based on a scale of 0-14.  Seven is considered neutral.  Below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline.  A good example is:  Soil=6.0-6.3, Coco=5.8-6.0, and Hydro=5.8.  For soil or coco, PH can be adjusted just by adjusting the water.  With hydroponics, you will need to adjust the PH after filling the reservoir and readjust it as needed, every few days.


Ideally, you should always water between feedings.  The source of water is up to you.  I have used them all: Tap, bottled, and mineral spring’s water.  In a perfect world, I would use bottled.  As it is, I use tap water that has been sitting in a bucket for at least 24 hours to remove some of the contaminates.  Mineral springs are hard to find, we found one around La Honda CA, but it’s a good 45 minute drive from the grow house.  This other chick and I would lug 5 gallon water bottles, 10 of them, to the springs and then lug them, full, back to the vehicle.  And drive all the way back.  No matter where you get your water, you have to remember to water slowly.  Pour water slowly all around the stems.  Allow for run off.  Figure that 1/3 of your water evacuates the pot.

“Jesus, I can’t remember what we were just talking about”

“What did you just say?”

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“I think I’m having a … what? What did you just say?”

“I can’t remember … What are we trying to remember?”

(More spasms of laughter)

“We’re trying to…What are we trying to do?”

— Pot Stories For The Soul


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