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Marijuana Problems and Pests

marijuana pests and problems

Now you’re growing!  But what’s that?  It looks like white dust on the bottom of the leaves.  So you dig out the loupe or magnifying glass and inspect further.  Yuck!  You have spider mites.  It is said that you can’t have a true Indica without spider mites.  True or not, I get them every year. For this reason it’s worth discussing marijuana problems and pests.


There are many issues that can “crop” up while growing marijuana. Below we have listed some of the more prevalent issues.


Spider mites are easily taken care of by spraying the underside of the leaves with a Neem oil.  They come in several brands and prices.  Another remedy that I have recently heard of is:  Spider Mite Predators.  Spider Mite Predators are a close cousin of the spider mites.  They look very much like spider mites EXCEPT they EAT spider mites!  They arrive live and you toss them into your crop and BAM! Spider mites are gone.  And they hang around.  Good Predators should stick around, unseen, for a couple of years.  This means there will be years that you won’t have spider mites at all.

The best way to get rid of spider mites is to not get them in the first place.  Let’s do this instead:

  • Keep the grow room or area free of dead leaves.
  • Keep all unnecessary items out of the grow house.
  • Temperature should be below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Watch where you get your clones!
  • Keep up with the pruning.  Less vegetation means fewer bugs.
  • You need fans to keep the air moving so pests can’t find a place to land.


Less prevalent, but just as serious, are Fungus Gnats.  These are tiny little black gnats that can live on leaves, soil or coco.  They can even live in water inside Hydro systems.  These are spread the same way as Spider Mites.  For these you can use the Neem oil or a special gnat killing bacteria product.  Four applications should do it, one every three days.


Pests are bad enough, but there are other problems as well which include:  Over/Under watering and too much nitrogen.


Nitrogen is a good thing in moderation, but too much can cause your plants to die.  Too much nitrogen presents itself in yellow leaves.  If you find yellow leaves, it could be too much nitrogen.  Be sure to use pure water between feedings.


However, yellow leaves can mean under watering.  So lessen the nutes and up the water.  It is a good thing to water when the leaves start to droop just a little.


Overwatering is a lot easier to spot.  Stems get soft, plants fall over and the whole environment appears soggy.

So there you have it.  How to Grow Pot Plants.  Now go out and do it!

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