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Cannabis Seed Selection

16 October, 2013
how to choose marijuana seeds.

Ok, faithful followers…I know. I was supposed to have this out last Friday. But my dude’s truck broke down just outside of Nashville and I had to take my much bigger truck and tow him back. That took all day. So I got ahold of Bud and he told me it would be ok. So, it’s ok?

What was it we were going to talk about? Oh yeah, cannabis seed selection. To grow, you gotta have good seeds. Now a days, you have wonderful seed banks. A few of which advertise right here on this site. So I won’t brag up any particular one. Truth is, I have never used a seed bank. Even in CA, I was a bit hesitant that the po po would suddenly appear at my door. Now, I’m in good old Tennessee and don’t even go there!

So without recommending a particular bank, I will tell you what makes for a good seed. What we’re looking for is a seed that is ready to pop. This has been the case for eons. Back in the day, (we’re talking the 70’s) someone would always have a plant that got mated. Males were much more common back then, before Feminized Seeds. As late as the 2000’s, I would get my seeds thru the mail from the SF bay area, from a friend named Bear. He would wrap them in toilet paper, put them in an envelope and just mail them to me. I know, what’s the difference from using a seed bank?? Anyway, without scrutinizing them, Bear would just mail me a bunch of seeds. Anywhere from 10-100. Then it was up to me to go thru them and see what I could do with them. It is a known fact that only one in TEN THOUSAND seeds is the right one. So you have to go thru a LOT of seeds to make a crop. Using Bear’s seeds, I would usually get, maybe, 5 plants. Mostly, I used clones to round out my crops.

Another technique I used was “spotting.” I would go thru all the seeds looking for spots. Polka dotted seeds are sure to germinate. But you can’t tell whether they are male or female until their “balls” drop, or not. (We’re hoping for not.) Here again, you went on faith. You’d plant those polka dotted seeds and wait a few weeks. Then you’d see what popped up. This is where you’d get those seeds. Because, like it or not, you’d always get a male. Sometimes two. Let me interject something I found interesting here. A few seasons ago, I actually got a male clone! It is said that they don’t exist, but they do. Let me tell you, they do. Damn thing darn near ruined the entire crop. It was a shitty year, that year. To make matters worse, I got no variety. Out of 12 plants, 11 were Blue Dream. Eleven Blue Dream and one Trainwreck. What a year that was!

Anyway, back to seeds. Ideally, you should grow 1000 plants so you can compare them to find the true gems. That one in a thousand plant that will become your Mother. Once you have a suitable Mother, it’s smooth sailing. For the next 10-20 years (or more), you can just take cuttings off of it and grow your own clones. Easy Peasy….

And since we have the magnifying glass out to find those spotted seeds, let’s delve further, shall we? I’m talking breeding. This excites me. I have never done it. My last year in CA, I hooked up with Pam Peace of the Emerald Triangle. She was going to come down and teach me genetics. But life (and death) happens and we never did it.

But as I understand it, you need to put your very best female in a place, like a green house, alone with the very best male you can find. This is why the males are so important. They carry the genes necessary to make the elite Mothers. So, ok, it’s math time again. Some banks are selling 10 seeds for $1000! This can make it’s product worth, I don’t know, $10,000 or more? Now, how much is one plant worth?

And finally, let’s talk organics. Everything is organic these days. You want your fruits and veggies all organic. You want your clothing all organic. Organic, organic, organic. Usually all it does is make the whatever more expensive. This is true in Marijuana production too. There are a lot of people out there spending megabucks on advertising. Everyone has the best fertilizer, nutrient, soil or whatever that will make your crop THE crop. Bullshit. Yep, I said it. And I recommend it. I have grown some of my best crops in Miracle Gro soil and 3 bags of steer manure. Back to basics. Story time….One year, me and Jenny (an old old friend) got a gig cleaning out an old barn. We did it for free. Well, not exactly. We did it for what we could haul away. Besides, a few antiques. Which I believe Jenny kept and used by the way. We hauled away about 100 lbs of bat guano. I sold 50lbs and kept the other 50 to grow with that year. (To do this, I would recommend gloves and masks as the guano is highly poisonous to the lungs) BUT, I found guano no better than the steer manure. Plus I found out that I could BUY guano from the store. So I busted my butt for two days, basically for nothing. Ok, I guess I saved a few bucks but I am not a sweating type girl. I would much rather fork out bucks than get my hands dirty.

So what it comes down to is: good seeds from a reputable bank, chosing elite males and females, some nice clean growing medium (I still swear by coco which I get from Amazon.com), a little manure, some water (check for chlorine), and a nice roomy pot. That’s all you need. A few lights and a closet. Old school.

Well, I’m going to end for now, faithful followers. Til Friday……

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