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Grow Chamber Furniture

21 November, 2013

And the week travels on. This week has brought me both a great idea and a little kitty. Last night, my neighbors showed up at my door with a 3 week old kitten. It is much too small to be away from it’s mama, in fact it keeps trying to nurse my finger. I took it in cuz they have a dog over there that may or may not hurt it (unintentionally of course!). Now that it has SCREAMED all bloody night, I am ready to find it a furever home. Today, it goes to the Villas. There are lots of cats there and someone will adore this kitten. Please don’t get me wrong! I love cats, but am pretty close to eviction with the 2 I got. I know a shelter is the best place but our only shelter only takes pets from certain zip codes. (Not mine or the boyfriend’s) I have to take the kitten to a place I feel is safe. So I will….

Grow Chamber Furniture

Now onto the great idea….While partaking in a smoking session with my man, his bro, a nephew and a nephew in law, the nephew in law comes up with, “Hey why not get a grow chamber for the apartment, Uncle Bill?” I told him how it would be near impossible cuz I live in government housing and get inspected once a month. That’s when he told me about chambers that LOOK like furniture. He says nightstands and dressers. Let’s go see what we can see, shall we?

First of all, I KNOW we already covered grow chambers. What they are, the advantages, the costs involved. This is different. See, I am seriously growing this upcoming season. If I can save a dime over “store bought/street bought” meds, I will. So without consulting this Nephew in Law, I figured if I get him some good (Afghani/Hawaiian) seeds and some coco (maybe discuss nutes and types with him as he has an interesting take on nutes), set him up and let him grow. He lives WAY far away from government housing, so no inspections. So anyway, as I was approaching the subject, he came up with, “Have you seen those grow chambers that look like bedroom furniture?” “No I have not!” Conversation changed to other things but I wrote in a little old fashioned notebook about “furniture like” grow chambers. And now I hunt….

And I have found. The main company into this kind of cabinet is stealthgrowcabinets.com (http://stealthgrowcabinets.com). And they have a few sizes. Which makes me wonder if I should just dump my wardrobe and fill the room with these? Yeah, I’d be nekkid but look at all the fun I have! LOL

So onto the cabinets…These even say “Recommended for Government Housing”. So they know we’re up to something. Although the site has big disclaimers about “Growing Legal”, they seem to know what’s up. There are 3 high quality furniture items to look at. Dressers, chests, and end tables. Let’s start with the Presidio. Four foot by two foot by three feet high, it boasts 2 grow chambers. It also has a built in extraction fan and almost four feet square of growing area with a 32″ head space.

Each grow cabinet is hand made by the guy who owns the company. He does it all. He uses high quality American lumber, particularly VB grade plywood. There are true wood grains that my faithful followers will appreciate. From the poly urethane ultra gloss finish to the white 95% reflective coating inside, this is a piece of fine furniture.

So we go from the Presidio Dresser to the Del Monaco low boy. This is very similar to the Presidio except it only has 27″ of head space. One really could trade their dressers for these units! Looking good so far….

From the Del Monaco, we go to the Magnum Opus. This unit boasts a 3 and a half foot wide by 1 foot 9 inches deep by 4 foot 8 inch tall overall area. With 2 grow chambers, extraction fan and air filtration unit; The Magnum Opus is designed for indoor growers who are seeking to use hydroponics programs for the bloom operation and/or use HID lighting systems for their blooming & fruiting stage. This unit is fantastic. No light leaks, no smells, no sounds. A rich wood top to put your grooming items or knick knacks on. It’s your secret….Shhhh!!!!

Ok, you want it more personalized. More with your style. Ok, let’s go with the Carnahan Estate piece. This looks like a fabulously wonderful end table. It can be distressed (French Provincial), it can be sleek (with no visible handles or latches), or have an epoxy top poured adding your own touches (fallen leaves, pressed flowers, fishing lures, pictures, or stamp collections). This unit will grow 4 plants right in your living room. It will start at $495 for the cabinet (empty) itself. Add lighting and such and you may walk out as cheap as $695.

The only problem so far is, since each one is made separately, there are no pictures on the site to show what one would look like. BUT his return policy is very good should it arrive an eyesore in your living room/bed room. And the before Christmas sales….

Free ground shipping/continental US. Canada, half shipping. But please order by December 1st! These ARE handmade and you might not get it for Christmas if you order later than that. Also, in a separate deal (not to be combined with the first one), for the first 30 orders in December…Free Shipping.

The site is rather sketchy. No firm prices, no order form, etc. So I shot the guy an email. I am really really interested. This is something I might buy. Christmas for me!! YAY!!!

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