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Growing Marijuana: Steps 1 and 2

04 February, 2015

Growing Marijuana

With Cannabis legalization spreading across the US, more people than ever are interested in marijuana items like weed vaporizers and cannabis blogs but a lot more are looking into growing marijuana to create their own Garden of Eden. Of course, you have to know how to correctly do it in order to reap a good crop. Although the process of growing marijuana may seem complicated, if you have the right information and supplies you should have no problem reaping quite the harvest (within legal standards of course).

Here’s our brief break down of how to grow marijuana from your property:

Step 1. Figure out where you will be growing your plants.

Depending upon your unique location, you may grow your plants indoors or outdoors. For indoor growing, you will have greater control over how your plants grow from seedlings to maturity. Interestingly, indoor growing can actually be inexpensive in comparison to outdoor grows. Also, you’ll likely be able to grow much danker buds with indoor growing. Like any other plant, growing marijuana requires the necessities such as light, food, and water to thrive. Make sure you provide your plants with everything they need to grow.

Once you have what you need, you will then need determine whether a closet, spare room, garage or basement will provide your plants with the best chance to flourish. Keep in mind that you’ll need to grow your plans in the appropriate temperature. Young plants require a temp of around 70-85 degrees to grow. As they age, you can keep the temperature set around 65-80 to produce the best results.

Remember to keep the air circulating so your plants can “breathe” in fresh air. A fan or two will work wonders.

Growing marijuana plants outdoors will require more patience than indoor grows. You will also be at the mercy of the environment including the temperature, light, rain, and creatures. Keep in your environment and the weather you experience before you begin an outdoor grow. If you reside in southern California, the desert, or even in the mid-west make sure you choose the right strain before you begin planting outdoors.

Step 2. Then there was Light!

Your plants are going to need some serious light in order to grow. If you’re growing outdoors you won’t have to pay for lights but you will need to be cautious of how much sun your plants get. Indoors is a whole other story. All plants, whether indoors or outdoors, will require light from 10am-4pm. The more light your plants get, the better.

Indoor Lights

There are several types of lights to consider when growing indoors. These include CFLs and Fluorescent. Both provide consistent lighting, but not necessarily of the same quality. CFLs are great for small indoor grows because they’re cheap.However, they don’t stand up to serious grows. Fluorescents are powerful and last for a good while. They are the best to use.

Step 3. What’s Next?

Once you get past the lighting and the space, you’ll need to consider your soil, nutrients, plant strain, germinating your seeds, and how to keep your plant growing strong. However, start with a good foundation and you should see incredible results.


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