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I Am Growing Marijuana

11 March, 2014

Good evening, faithful followers! It is I, your happy blogger deep in the woods of Tennessee. Near a ridge or a hollar or plateau or something. It’s a big state so I don’t know. Anyway, it is my proud announcement to make that I (with the help of several potential grow masters) WILL be growing marijuana this season. This blog will go back to what it was supposed to be. A guide to growing. I just haven’t had much to write on that front, not being involved. This year that changes.

I have already secured some lights to get me started. Remember, I brought none of the grow set up I had in Cali. I purchased the Seed Starter Lighting System Kit from Gurney’s (http://gurneys.com) for $89.99. And I used a 20% off coupon. (Which would make my daughter so proud!) Being on a fixed income of less than $1000 a month, I bought my lights in January and put them in the closet. They will be transferred to the grow site when the time comes.

In February, I bought my seeds. I wanted Big Tooth but they were out. So I went for 5 Cheese seeds. The site was messing up so I emailed them and they had me do a transfer of funds thru PayPal. It was done. Or so I thought. Then I get an email that they have transferred the funds into their account. That’s nice, now what? So I try to reorder but there is no record of my store credit. Email them again. A screw up on their end, don’t worry, try again. And I do. This time, the site won’t take a credit card for the $3.09 over my store credit of $101. Finally, what I did is go to the site, change my order to another strain (slightly cheaper) and spent all but 40 cents of my credit. I can live with that. Customer service here is wonderful! All emails answered quick and courteously. I talked to a lot of people and all agreed that these people are the BEST at what they do. They have discreet packaging and a shipping plan ($26) that basically guarantees you will get seeds. I figure, they don’t want to go to jail so I think they have all their legal bases covered. What I ended up with (And they still haven’t arrived. Process started on February 3rd) is 7 Auto Rapido seeds. These are supposed to have a 60 day turn around. We’ll see. And where did I get them, you ask? Bonza. (http://bonzaseeds.com)

So, this would be a good time to tell you that I have set a budget of roughly $100 a month. And so far stuck to it, pretty much. Less than $100 in January but made up for it in February. It’s an average though. By the way, this info goes in a little notebook. I bought one at the Dollar Store for 50 cents. (http://dollargeneral.com) That way, I can plan the following years crops and budget.

So in March, I plan to buy my Coco Noir and Nutes. Yes, Coco is an expense but I feel it’s worth it. The best friggin weed I ever grew was grown in Coco. I swear by it. I am picking mine up through Amazon.com (http://amazon.com) for roughly $20 for 5 bricks. I will probably fill the pots half way up with Miracle Gro soil. I would like to use FoxFarms Ocean Forest, if possible. Sheesh, if I had known that would happen, I never would have gone there! I’m talking about Amazon.com. I swear, I can’t wait for their drones!!

Anyhoo, got to Amazon.com and began putting things we need into the cart. When all was said and done, it came to $200!! Double my monthly budget!! I got to do something about it but don’t know whether to split the order into two (March and April) or bite the bullet. I guess I’ll figure it out later cuz this caused a major headache.

And now, I find out that one of my grow master wanna bes just burned his current crop with the lights. So near, but yet so far. I do NOT want that to happen to me, not after this investment. But he asked me a couple of months ago if I wanted to see his plants again. I said no, they were upstairs, I didn’t feel like it (or I was too stoned to bother). So I didn’t go up. Had he told me there was yellow curling of the outer leaves, I would have been up there like a shot. But no one told me there was a problem.
I hope to get this whole thing up and running by April 15th. I will keep you all in the loop. And tell you how successful we are. (Or aren’t) And most of all, how much growing vs. buying saves (or doesn’t) us.

So for now, good night, faithful followers. See ya’ll later……

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