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Nutes, Commercial Grow Chambers and Bubble Ponics

17 September, 2013
Marijuana Grow Chamber.

Ok, gang. Where were we? Oh yeah, nutes. The Hesi people never got back to me. That makes me mad and makes me want to find other nutes from another company. A company that is more customer friendly. Anyway….

Many people have told me, “Nutes are not necessary in Bubble Ponics.” They give me some vague info on the oxygen in the water being all the nutes the plants need. So you could go that way. I would be tempted to give it a chance. I might try it out on one or two plants, just to see. (When I first started using coco and Hesi, I test drove it on one plant. “Sugar” was so SUPERB that I wish I had grown more that way.)

But just for arguement sake. I am going to review three Hydro formulas. Fox Farms, General Hydroponics, and Hesi. Also I will compare two (possibly three) commercial grow chambers for Bubble Ponics.

Let’s start with Fox Farms. Everyone says to follow the little cheat sheet available at the nursery. I don’t know. I have done it. When I was first starting out and didn’t know anything else. With Fox Farms, we are going to use the top three popular nutes; Big Bloom, TigerBloom, and Gro Big. These are our steady go to nutes. To these we are going to add Kanga Roots and Microbe Brew. Later, we will add Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and ChaChing. Start your light cycle at 18 hours for (approximately) the first four weeks. After that, switch to 12 hours. Never offer less than 12 hours of light.

For clones and seedlings, and the week after we start the adventure, we are only going to use Big Bloom and Gro Big. Tiger Bloom will be added in week 5. Small amounts of Kanga Root will be added in week 2, as will Microbe Brew. Open Sesame is added in week 4. Beastie Bloomz in week 7 and ChaChing in week 8. There is not a week that all nutes will be used. As for the cheat sheet. I would follow it but not to the letter. Dosages are reflected in teaspoons per gallon. I would play around with the nutes, offering a richer mix. In other words, up the dosage. But just a bit to see what happens. But I have done it growing in both coco and soil with Fox Farms, with very good results.

Now, onto General Hydroponics. This is the most widely used among experienced Bubble Ponic growers. Jim Walder of Panama City FL says, “You cannot find or use a better hydro feed than General Hydroponics. Their online nutrient charts are perfect and yielded fantastic results.” (In all fairness, I have NO idea what Mr. Walder was actually growing.) I loved what Felicia A. Sullivan had to say about the GH products; FloraGro, FloraBloom, and FloraMicro. “With the caveat that I did not use this product myself, I will say that it works as advertised. My husband is the one who uses it for his hydroponic vegetable garden that he is building in preparation for the impending zombie apocalypse. Or something. This is the third time he has bought this type of product, after having tried another that he was unsatisfied with. Whatever this product is supposed to do, it does, and my husband has been very pleased with it.” So there you have it. We are all preparing for that Zombie Apocalypse, aren’t we? So go with the chart and tweak as necessary. This is the one I would use. Better than the amature Fox Farms and really on the ball, customer service wise. Or so I’ve heard.

Hesi products. Have loved them since I recieved a big box of them in the mail as a gift. They are pricey. A good grow can run you a couple of hundred dollars. (I’ve heard more like $300.) But if you stick to Super Vit, Phosphorus, TNT, Root Complex and Bloom; you should be good. Don’t fall for Power Zyme; I’ve heard it refered to as snake oil. Now with Hesi, and I have found this personally, less is more. Follow the chart and if you must tweak, tweak down.

So there you have the basics on nutes. Hydro or Bubble is only slightly different than soil or coco. Let’s move on to Grow Chambers, shall we? And we’ll start with Stealth Hydro.

Stealth offers several Bubbleponic setups ranging from $199.99 to $599.99. The most popular range is several different ones for $399.99. These include everything you need to get started. Except lights and plants/seeds. Plus they ship for only $4.99! That’s what they say. $4.99 for everything.

And finally, High Tech Garden Supply. They sell the Bubble Boy Four Banger in two sizes (3.5 gallon and 5 gallon) for $34.95 and $36.50. You will have to add nutes, lights and plants/seeds, of course. Interestingly, they also offer the Bubble Boy Single Shot for $29.95. Grow one plant and only one plant. Not something I recommend. I do not know of anyone who has had success with only one plant. I feel they need friends. Others would say cross pollination is the key.

So there you have it. The next chapter in growing. Just when you thought you had it down, new stuff comes along. I am seriously thinking of picking up one of the Bubble Boy Four Bangers. Probably the small one. Bud, my cohort adventurer on this site, had suggested I buy up some of this equipment and some nutes and grow me some tomatoes. There is a commonality between Marijuana and Tomatoes. Many people grow the two together. Both as coverage (the Tomato plant canopies hide the Marijuana, for awhile) and as cross pollination.

So I’m going to start my list of needs (and some wants) and see what I can do with those Maters…..

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