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Pot Ads and NASCAR

30 July, 2013
marijuana vs. alcohol

When I saw this ad I had to write something. Maybe something good, maybe not. My views and mine alone. I do NOT know if they reflect others views or not. What is it that it used to say on TV? “These views do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners or managers of this station.” Something like that.

So here goes. My views on Pot Ads and NASCAR. First of all, I don’t know if NASCAR is the right audience. Ok, I know a couple of NASCAR aficionados and I think one smokes Pot. The other two don’t, but are cool on the subject. Why they don’t smoke is their own darn business! So maybe I’m not on the pulse of NASCAR. But I watch a lot of it. (Bristol is my favorite track. Lovin the Bristol Stomp at 175mph on a short track of a half mile!) So I think I know what I’m talking about. This has gotten me into trouble before, this knowing what I’m talking about. But from watching NASCAR, I see a beer drinking (excuse the term) red neck crowd. Nothing there that would lead me to believe they smoke. No dreads, no tie dye, no laid back types. Mullets, ball caps, and logo tees seem to be the norm. So I don’t know, but don’t think that they’ll appreciate the Pot Ads.

Second is my personal objection to the ads themselves. The tag line, “Marijuana: Less harmful than alcohol and time to treat it that way.” With obviously stoned people lounging on a beach. Why not just happy friendly people serenely sitting on a beach enjoying the sunset? Why must smokers be shown as dorky, giggling, imbeciles? Is it that if they weren’t “obviously stoned” one might mistake the joint they are passing as a cigarette? Since cigarette ads have been banned since 1971 (even NASCAR itself changed one of its divisions from Winston Cup to Sprint Cup in 2003), seeing the new Pot ads, at first, may take patrons aback. “Wow, was that a cigarette ad?” “When did those come back?” Then they will read the tag line and go, “Wow! Hey, it’s about MARIJUANA!!!” They will either follow that with, “Wow, that’s cool!” Or, “That’s really bad news!” Or just plain, “WTF?”

If I were to make the ads, and nobody asked me to, which they should have, just for the record… I would do as they do in CA. On the local FOX affiliate in Sacramento, Canna Care Collective airs a nice commercial that shows patients, not stoners, telling how Marijuana has helped them. I would approach it from a medical point of view.

Maybe again, those are my views on Marijuana. See, I have never been a stoner. I was always a drinker. I think I smoked once in 1972 and it freaked me out so bad I didn’t do it again for many, many years. Which brings to mind that it was back in 1972 that I was first asked to sign a petition to legalize Marijuana. I was only 16 at the time and the voting age was 18. I have been an activist for the cause ever since but not necessarily a smoker. I did not smoke regularly til 2010 when I was 54. And I did it for pain. Severe back pain caused by multiple car accidents. It was CA after all and I had a doctor’s note recommending it. Anyway, I digress…

I know I can’t change anything. Heck, I’ve chained myself to a fence at Rancho Seco (Sacramento CA) Nuclear Plant to protest Nuclear energy. Didn’t work, they just cut us loose and took us to jail. So my writing a blog about Pot Ads probably won’t shake up the world. But maybe, just maybe, it will make people pay a little more attention to the ads they see. Will the ad make more people want to smoke? I don’t think so. Ads don’t make me do anything. I have never bought a car because of a TV ad. A TV ad has never made me buy one product. Ok, I lied. I bought a Robo Stir that I saw on TV. It sucked, for the record. But for the most part, ads are entertaining but not movers and shakers. I will be interested in the scuttle butt the day after the Brickyard 400 (in Indianapolis IN. Check your listings for the time in your area). Will people be talking about it? We’ll wait and see… Personally, I can’t wait!!

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