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Clean Pee: Passing a Marijuana Test

14 January, 2014
pass a marijuana drug test

High, faithful followers!! I am here!! Off the pain killers and out of the boot. Healing a lot faster than expected. Looks like there will be no cast! The bf and I are doing well. Still happy. He’s working right now so I am free to blog. I’m sorry, nothing seems to get done while he is here. Of course, I’m not walking yet so life (and doing stuff) is still difficult. But onto the blog….

Recently, I received thru my http://www.sharyna.info site, a letter from a Mr. Jones asking about a market for “clean” pee. He lives in Indiana and wants to fund a move to a warmer, more liberal state. So he asked me the question and I answered.

All of us, I think by now, have heard of “clean” pee. Check your local head shoppe or online and you will find many sheaths, preparations to drink before, and even the pee itself. Most of this pee comes from children. It is not uncommon for parents to stick a cup under their child to get clean pee. Be very careful to use a male’s pee for a male’s test and female for female. Jason C. related to me today a cute story where his friend (a male) was told he was pregnant after a routine work pee test! So watch that! LOL

I have 2 personal experiences here. The first one happened in the early 2000’s. My late husband applied at Home Depot. To combat the Marijuana issue, he bought a preparation out of a magazine. He used it as directed. We think. How much is “flush with a LOT of water” anyway? I swear we drowned him.

My second experience was last year. My now boyfriend, Bill, was trying to return to his former job. (He had been laid off in February, this was April) They insisted on a preemployment pee test. And he had 2 weeks….
I know, it is advised to quit smoking a FULL MONTH before a pee test. But we just didn’t have it! So about 48 hours before the test, he began drinking a mixture of white vinegar/water/lemon juice suggested by our darling daughter. (We used 1 freshly squeezed lemon, and a cup of vinegar per pint of water. But buy a lot of supplies. You must consume at least a gallon. Preferably more. This is on top of quitting smoking 2 weeks before.) And he drank all that water. Gallons and gallons of water.
And it worked. He passed. It was a rough couple of weeks while he worked his soul off, waiting to see if he’d really be hired. That was last April….

So far, so good.

So now, shall we attack the moral issue? Yep, I’m going to go there. Have we reduced ourselves to the point of sticking a cup under our peeing children? I fortunately have not. Of course, I am 57 years old and disabled. No one is testing me. I do try to play Devil’s Advocate though. What if I WAS a single mom with some sort of chronic pain or such? What if I couldn’t get any money any other way? What if I HAD to WORK??

Dilemma…I would probably stick the cup under my daughter. That’s what society has driven us to. I dream of a day when Marijuana is no longer an issue. When people can just do the work they are meant to do without government interference. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

So I am going to do a little something different here. I KNOW I have faithful followers but some of you are hesitant to write me. I WANT you to write to me!! I love getting your emails!! So, do any of you out there have any experience with “clean” pee? Do you gather it? Sell it? Use it yourself? Supply your friends? Have you tried any of the preparations out there? And what has been your experience with them?

I await your answers……

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