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Colorado Marijuanan Tourism

31 December, 2013
Colorado Marijuana Tourism

High, faithful followers! I know, I have been MIA for awhile. But I have a really good reason. On December 5th, I slid down a hill, in the mud, on my ANKLE. Crushed the shit out of it. Since then, they operated on it Friday the 13th, putting in 2 metal plates and a bunch of screws. Due to the pain, (excruciating, and I’ve been thru childbirth) the doctors in their infinite wisdom, put me on about 6-7.5 Hydros and 4 Perc 10’s a day. So I have pretty much been noncompus mentus since the accident on the 5th. My dude has been by my side the whole time. Slept in the hospital with me and everything. In fact, he’s the one who hauled my sorry broken butt back up the hill so the ambulance could get me. It just MIGHT be love?!


Anyway, in my drugged out state, I heard about this new law going into effect January 1st (2014) in Colorado. This is what I heard (and if I’m wrong, please tell me!). ANYONE (meaning nonresidents) over the age of 18 can go to Colorado and buy¬† 1/4 of an ounce of Marijuana from a “retail” dispensary. So I interpret this as: I could load up the old SUV with a few friends and go on a road trip from TN to CO, walk into this store and buy up. As long as the product is consumed within Colorado borders, you’re fine.

This got into my mind, kinda pondered it around the old brain a bit, and I began to wonder….How will this affect the traffic on the freeways? What about the fortune in Motel tax? Motel tax runs around 10% of the room charge per night. Say I buy this 1/4 of an ounce and since I have to consume it in CO, I have to get a motel room. A “nice” room can run you between $50-$150 a night. That’s $5-$15 a night in taxes not technically intertwined with the Marijuana trade. So no problem with the Feds there. I don’t know how many people are as nutty as me and would actually make the road trip, but what if just smokers from neighboring/connecting states made the trip? That is 7 states including the Oklahoma panhandle. I don’t know, say 10 people from each state make the pilgrimage everyday. That’s 70 people. Say these visitors check in to a room. That’s 35 rooms at an average tax of $10 for a total of $350 per night. Doesn’t sound like a lot but multiply that by 365 days a year and you get $127,750 in tax revenue. That is $127,750 a year that the state would not have before this law. It’s like free money to Colorado. Money for services such as roads, bridges, schools, parks and other good things for neighborhoods. All without being associated with Marijuana at all. Think about it. Pretty interesting, huh?

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe I heard wrong or the person was talking out their ass or something, please correct me if I’m wrong. And maybe it was all a drug induced hallucination or dream? Don’t know. I think I’ll ponder on it a bit more and get back to you….

Til then, faithful followers, I’m going to continue talking to the little purple dragon in the corner……

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