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Investing in Marijuana

04 October, 2013
Invest your money in the top marijuana stocks.

Hey faithful friends! I know, since moving, I’ve been on a learning kick. I think we’re going to keep it up for a couple of more editions. Probably through next Tuesday. Next Tuesday, I promise ya’ll something on actual growing. Hopefully, something new and revolutionary.

But for now, we are going to invest our money. Investing is always a good idea when you have the money to do it. Probably, with the government sucking biggies like it is right now, you probably should invest in a big metal box, like an ammo box, and just bury your money (gold…Eagles and Kougerands) in a remote area. But some of you believ,e so we are going to see what Marijuana stocks are up and coming.

Personally, I like putting my money (when I got some) behind Cheryl Shuman. Cheryl is doing some amazing things in the legalization world. She is a media wiz.

Investing in Marijuana

That said, here we go! Many people believe that with legalization will come some sort of boon. Economists and reformists believe that the Marijuana market will be between $10 billion and $120 billion a year. That is now. With legalization, that would skyrocket. Obliterating the tobacco and other substitutes value.

Right now, 20 states allow Marijuana use under the Medical Marijuana act. Only a few have legalized for recreational use. Colorado and Washington State have legalized for non-medical use, but still have laws as to growing and carrying. A lot of people agree this is a domino effect and a lot of other states will soon follow. Arkansas is legalizing in November of this year and you know, in January, Tennessee will follow. This will open the south wide up.

A biggie for the government (on all levels) would be taxation. Cutting down the DEA would save the government BILLIONS and reduce drug trafficking and violence.

A study was recently made that the average price of a 0.5 gram of Marijuana sold for $8.60. It probably cost less than $1.70 to produce. Leaving a profit of $6.90! The “bubble” is growing day by day and will soon pop, releasing opportunity and profit. And it’s starting. The stocks are out there.

Top Marijuana Stocks

CBIS (Cannabis Science, Inc) is in Colorado Springs. They produce phytocannabinoid based pharmaceuticals. They are big in California with a market cap of $32 million with 710.40 million shares outstanding.

Growlife, Inc (PHOT) distributes mini hydroponic greenhouses and nutrients. Also some seeds, growing mediums, and germination kits. PHOT has a position of $33.2 million with 620 million shares outstanding.

Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) specializes in indoor growing. They market to farmers, green house growers and horticulture enthusiasts. TRTC is located in Irvine CA with a market cap of $6.7 million and 82 million outstanding shares.

MediSwipe Inc (MWIP) provides transaction processing and security for the Medical Marijuana market. MWIP has a card based technology the merchants use to process a payment via regular “swipe” transactions. It carries a $17.6 market cap and has 445.5 million shares outstanding. It is located in Michigan.

Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the USA. Almost 69 million people in the US, over the age of 12, have tried Marijuana at least once. A shade less than 50% of teens try Marijuana one or more times before graduating high school. Besides the so called negative effects on the body, people still do it. This is a huge market to break into, of course once it is legal.

There is a strong trend through the Marijuana/Cannabis based stocks and bonds. Most analysts conclude that the next big legal “fad” will be Marijuana. If and when it is ever legalized, this will go through the roof.

So there you have it. I once invested a couple of hundred in Marijuana Inc. I saw very nice profits during the year I had my money there. Unfortunately, due to my current financial state, I couldn’t keep the stock to see where it might go.

So, yes, I am still in the old Millard Oakley Public Library. But this should be the last blog coming out of here. I get my internet on Monday so will blog happy from there on Tuesday. So til then, my friends, smoke em if you got em!

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