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Marijuana and Employment

28 October, 2013

Ok, faithful followers. First my personal update. Which I always do first, which you should know if you’ve been reading this for awhile. (If you’re new, welcome!! I’ll get to the good stuff soon.) Bill and I are doing fine. We are saying to heck with what other people think, we are 57 years old, and we are rushing boldly forward. This could be it…..

Oh well….Back to the important stuff….The Blog…..

Marijuana and Employment

Today, I bring up the questions of “What if I want/need to work??” “How am I going to keep smoking and pass a drug test??” And, “What are my present and future rights as an employee??”

First off, how to pass a drug test. I don’t know of any method that lets you keep smoking up to the test and still pass. My late husband, Fred, used a product he bought over the internet. (I remember, it was an interview with Home Depot where he was a shoe in for the electrical department.) It raised his nitrate/nitrite levels to suspicious. So no job. Most recently, my guy, Bill, got a new job. It turns out he had quit smoking 2 weeks before. (I used to think you needed a full 30 days. Wrong!) Two days before, he started drinking a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice and water. Over two days, he drank around 8-32 oz bottles of it. Pissed clean. Got job. Been there 6 months. Just got a raise. Nuff said….

Now, onto our past, present, and future rights as a smoking employee.

Currently, it’s unclear. A lot of it hinges on what state you’re in, whether it’s legal in your state, and how many branches your employer has. For instance, say your employer has several branch offices/warehouses/factories in several different states. Your employer can choose to use the laws from the harshest state he operates in. This sucks if you live/work in, say, California but your employer has a branch office in, say, Texas. He can choose to follow the Texas state laws, which, as we all know, are a lot tougher than the California laws.

Even in the states where Medical Marijuana is legal, things are inconsistent. Only seven of the thirteen states that have some how legalized use of Medical Marijuana require Registry Identification Cards. Other policies take into consideration; physician’s on file recommendation, and acceptable medical conditions. And those vary.

Interesting fact….When I was working in California, back in 1995, I was tested prior to employment. Then I noticed, no one was ever tested again. Although we were threatened with random drug tests all the time, none were performed. So I asked a Manager friend. And he told me that a single test costs, maybe, $500. And a good lawyer can overturn the results. So it’s no win. Their board of directors would never approve such an expenditure. So no drug tests. This is especially true of smaller companies and mom-and-pop situations.

I, for one, will be very glad when the US gets it’s head out of it’s butt and chooses to legalize Marijuana for adults over 21 years of age. Tax it like wine and be done with it. Rake in some revenue. Get this country back on its feet. One joint at a time…..

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