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NORML Super Bowl Ad

25 September, 2013
Vote NORML - Super Bowl Ad Contest

Ok, Bud told me about this. Evidently, it’s a competition to get a real ad on TV during the Super Bowl. It is being put on by Intuit (the Quickbooks people). It is being called Small Business, Big Game.

It seems back in August, different businesses wrote in with their stories. How they got started, what they do, and basically how they benefit you. Now, in September, is the Promote Your Business portion. There seems to be activities that help you advance. The goal is to be one of the 20 businesses chosen. Then, in late October, the Intuit employees are going to vote, narrowing the 20 semifinalists down to 4 finalists.

When November comes around, “The World” votes. Anyone can login and vote for one of the four. The one with the most votes, wins. Ta Da!! Come February, there it will be!! Someone’s ad…

Why am I telling you all this? (No, unfortunately GrowPotPlants.com nor SmokingWithStyle.com are contenders.) I am telling you because NORML is in the running. If you use the following link, https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com/, you can share the info about the contest and help push NORML into the final 4.

(Right here, I’m going to put in my disclaimer. McCort Entertainment produces all the media material for NORML Dallas/Ft Worth. McCort Entertainment (http://mccortentertainment.net) is solely owned and operated by my son in law, Brent Dow, et al as an LLC)

Seriously though, wouldn’t it be neat to see a BIG A$$ ad for NORML right there on your TV come February’s Super Bowl? Think of the people our cause would reach. Not to mention money saved because I’m sure any fool with $1-2M can just BUY a 30 second ad on the Super Bowl.

Reaching that many people would maybe wake some people up to the fact that we are here. A tastefully done ad would show normal people like you and me, enjoying Marijuana responsibly. What I don’t want to see is a “Cheech and Chong” (No offense Mr. Marin/Mr. Chong, please! I love you guys!) type production. Hollering through a door, “Dave’s not here, man.” Also, what we don’t need is 30 seconds of some guy forgetting where he parked his car (Ok, sorry Mr. Kutcher/Mr. Scott. Love you guys too. Call me, Ashton!!)

I am also not wild about the ad I saw for NASCAR. Obviously stoned people laying around on a beach. The clip was so short that to me, it showed a bunch of stoners too stoned to move, which I don’t think is the image we want to promote. I don’t know exactly what I’d want to be the focus. A FOX Broadcasting Affiliate out of Sacramento CA used to run an ad (maybe they still do, I no longer get the channel) for CannaCare (http://www.cannacare.net/). CannaCare was a medical group who took care of MMJ patients. According to their website, they had a “store.” ( I don’t know if it was a dispensary, or not.) However, in writing this blog, I have found that although the website for CannaCare still exists, the links go no where (except to error messages) so I do not know the status of Sacramento CA CannaCare at this time. The Santa Ana CA branch does seem to be in full bloom (yes, pun intended).

Back to NORML and the Little Business, Big Game ad. Please go check it out. This could be a big thing. For a lot of people.

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