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Realm of Caring

28 August, 2013
help a family in trouble by contacting realm of caring

This just came across my facebook feed from the Realm Of Caring…..


We have had an anonomus request for prayers, good thoughts, good energy. What ever you can send to this family.

Remember, we are patients not criminals!

“Wondering if some one can post an anonymous mssg asking for prayers for my family.. we have been working on getting the steps in order & dr visits made to get my daughters red card.. and CPS decided to get involved due to stupid people .. now because me and my husband are mmj users.. CPS is trying to say we are unfit parents and we are fighting for our children… right now my husband is not allowed any contact with them.. and i am under “supervision” and mandatory Drug tests to make sure i wont use while supervising my children.. i have stopped because i refuse to lose my children.. but my symptoms are returning ( anxiety & depression… also being aggravated by this extreemely stressful situation) not to mention our service dogs were impounded and it is going to cost nearly $400 to get them back…

This is happening right now in Colorado Springs CO! Please contact Realm of Caring if you can do anything, or know anybody. Donations for the return of the dogs I’m sure will help. I’m sure the mom would be much more able to fight if she had her service dog!!”

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