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The Koozer Kuhn Act

04 February, 2014

The Koozer Kuhn Act

Hiddy Ho, faithful followers!! I am here. Briefly, about our discussion last week about whether you would stick a cup under your child for “clean” pee, I have not been able to ask that question of a young mother I know who is looking for work. But in my research, her DAD admitted once using his son’s urine to pass a test. Interesting stuff….

So it’s an interesting world out there, Marijuana-wise. Rumors flying out of Colorado. And who’s next to legalize…

So let’s make it Tennessee, shall we? I am getting ready to delve into doing some reading on the Koozer-Kuhn Act. Another project. What exactly was/is the Tennessee Legends Stamp Act of 1984? Simply stated, here it is:

State Code: 67-4
Tax Rate: $3.50/gram if owner possesses 42.5 grams or more. $.40/gram for stems.
Penalty for Nonpayment: 200% of tax and interest.

However, in September of 2007, this stamp was declared unconstitutional by the appellate court and is awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court.
And I still don’t know how to participate. But I did find out interesting stuff on Koozer Kuhn…

First of all. Just vote for it if you’re in TN. It is a lot of confusing riggamarole that names the conditions for which you can possess. And maybe you don’t have one of the afflictions but maybe someone you know does. Or you might get something in the future. My guy, for instance, MAY have glaucoma. The doctors haven’t said for sure. One reason, I think, (for the slow definite diagnosis) is they don’t want to get involved in the pot issue. (My guy sees the VA Hospital in Nashville)

I must say that Rep. Sherry Jones’s office has been extremely helpful. Bernie Ellis (MA, MPH), who is the Principal Consultant on TN Koozer Kuhn, was kind enough to send me a two page summary of the Act. If you email or call, you can get one too.

Which brings me to tomorrow….Tomorrow, January 27th, in Nashville, there is a Rally and Symposium going on to bring awareness to MMJ and how useful it is. It is an all day event centered around Vanderbilt University. Unfortunately, I cannot attend. Oh, how I wish I could get you some prime face to face interviews! This is the kind of thing I got into journalism to do. But, as some of you may know, tomorrow is the first anniversary of my husband, Fred’s, death. A small gathering is planned.

And at 8:10pm, Fred’s beloved caregiver (and my best guy friend) Jason and I will smoke a large bowl and tell cute stories about Fred. The day is just hard for me so I have elected not to fuss with the rally. Rep. Jones knows of my support, so I feel sort of ok with my decision.

Other reasons I can’t go. All the pipes busted at our Rickman house, so Jamie (my sil) has to fix them. Jason is helping him. Bill is working at 4pm. That is all my rides! With the foot, I can’t drive (or walk for that matter) to get myself to Nashville. (Gee, I do feel guilty about this, don’t I?)

So that’s it for now, faithful followers. Not much for the other 51 states (including Puerto Rico and American Samoa), but a biggie for TN. And that’s how we have to do this. One state at a time. I, personally, have seen a lot of progress since 1972 (when I was first approached to sign a legalization petition). In ten years, this will be a nonissue…..

Til Later!!

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