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Can Marijuana Prevent Cancer?

21 August, 2013
can cannabis cure cancer?


Ok, today while riding in the car with my darling daughter (and I really mean that, I’m not being sarcastic or throwing the old DD around willy nilly), she brings up this new study related to the marijuana strain “Charlotte’s Web.” A few children have had seizures lessened or cured by a Cannabis substance. As she described it, it was sort of like “earwax.” This interested me but I am having a hard time finding facts on the study. I am going to look into it further and report on it later. Most likely, my Friday edition of this blog…

Right now, I am going to go into a hot button topic with me. This study really interested me as I have my own ideas on the subject. See, my late husband smoked both cigarettes and Marijuana from the time he was 14 years old until his death from lung and brain cancer at 57. He actually gave up cigarettes about 5 years ago, but continued to do “bandits” (little pouches of smokeless tobacco that don’t require spitting) for maybe another two after that. He smoked Marijuana quite heavily until last December when he had a series of massive seizures. It affected his mind and a lot of his behaviours. He couldn’t roll or load a pipe anymore and when offered one, he usually didn’t take it. When we moved to TN, he was prescribed Marinol (a THC capsule) but finding a pharmacy that carried it, proved impossible. We had access to some grade A Marijuana and a couple of times, he asked for some. In fact, the daughter I mentioned above and I drove around for HOURS looking for a certain type of pipe he wanted. (It was finally found at the Love Shack, 2 locations, 1 near you.) I believe he smoked only a couple of times after December. We, as a family, firmly believe that his heavy Marijuana use helped slow the growth of his cancer. And the lack of it, escalated the growth. Now for what the “experts” have to say…

A study in Japan has found that Cannabinoids are effective at blocking a certain enzyme which causes cancer and is found in large amounts when cigarettes are smoked. It is suggested that the pentylresorcinols in CBD have structurally important roles in direct CYP1A1 inhibition, although the whole structure of CBD is required for overall inhibition. CYP1A1 is an emzyne that is not dangerous at low levels but is produced in large amounts when a person smokes cigarettes; at very large doses it has been linked to cancer (I do NOT capitalize the word “cancer” for personal reasons. I refuse to give it that much power).

In all of this researchers say, “Accordingly, CBD and its related compounds, which are potent inhibitors of CYP1A1 activity, would be useful as a lead compound in anticancer chemotherapy.” I know it’s all very techical: Let me see if I can translate it for you. There is a LOT going on with scientists and this enzyme. It isn’t just Japan. And it’s not just cancer from cigarette smoking. It seems to be all kinds of cancer; prostate, endometrial, ovarian, and lymphoblastic leukemia. All I can say is Google it for yourself. Some of you may have training or education in this field. I welcome your comments…

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