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Christmas Gifts for Smokers

31 October, 2013
christmas gifts for marijuana smokers

Well, it’s Wednesday. This was due last night but I couldn’t think of a darn thing to write about! My dude has just had a Transition Week. Which means he is working W-Saturday morning at 6am now. Throws me off. By the time I’m used to it, it will Transition again…What’s a girl to do!! LOL (Strike that, Faithful Followers…It’s Thursday, Halloween. And this is just now getting posted…..)

So I got ahold of Bud last night and whined, “I don’t know what to write about!!” He suggested “products”. Then I thought “Christmas!” So what we have here is Christmas Gifts for the Smoker’s in your Life….

Starting with number 10 and working our way down…..The Personal Vape…..

Christmas Gifts for Smokers

Number 10: We are talking the e-cigarette style personal vape here. These range in price from $70-$150. Some are glycerin based with a not so obvious smell to full on hash oil burning vaporizers that could be confused with a lipstick case. Here, I would like to recommend The Cloud. You will find it on the lower spectrum of price. Although the vaporized hash oil isn’t as inconspicuous as other mixtures when burned. The ability to pull full hits of high strength extract without an expensive glass oil bubbler and blow torch makes The Cloud superb. And you can get yours at http://GotVape.com

Next on the list at number 9: A ten pack of Colorado Cannabis Seeds. Over the past 3 years, Colorado has become THE place to get seeds. The breeding is phenomenal! Names like New House Seeds, T.H. Seeds, Reserva Privada Colorado, Rare Dankness, and Centennial Seeds are very popular. But due to the shiftiness of online seed buying, Medical Marijuana patients are best off seeing their local dispensaries. Check with http://weedmaps.com for a dispensary near you. Prices should range from $40-$60.

Ok, on to number 8: How about a case of rolling papers? A case from RAW: a box of 50 packs of king size papers (1600 papers) will run you about $55. These would run you $3 a pack when bought separately. For the cheapest price online, check with http://rollingpaperdepot.com.

And number 7: A grinder card….When teamed up with a box of rolling papers, this makes a dandy gift! These are credit card sized cheese graters, made of aluminum, that fit in your wallet. They work great for breaking up your stash when you don’t want to lug around a full size grinder. The folks at V Syndicate have many nice designs including a line inspired by Snoop Dogg. For under $10, you just can’t get a better gift. Check with http://rollingpaperdepot.com for these.

Number 6: Books….Books on Cannabis….These two books should be on every smoker’s shelf. (Maybe next to the stash box?) Super Charged and Smoke Signals. Both of these talk about the Cannabis Industry, with Smoke Signals taking a much broader approach and details the social history of Cannabis. (From ancient Africa to the synthesization of THC in the 60’s and the ongoing fight for Cannabis legalization in this country.) Both are available from http://amazon.com and will run you about $25-$35 each. And for a book on growing, may I suggest clicking on the banner ad above and buying the supreme set from Ryan Riley? This book (or set) is the definitive book on growing. If I had only one grow book, this would be it.

For number 5: Let’s check out the IncrediBowl. I hear these pipes rip! IncrediBowl comes in two designs. My sources far prefer the miniature M420 for portability and functionality. The IncrediBowl comes with expansion chambers. Stick with the stock tube for a supercharged one hitter or put on the spring loaded carb system on one of the glass or acrylic extensions–like the foot long waterless bong or the stylish Sherlock curve. Both will expand the smoke and make for an extremely flavor filled hit each and every time. The basic M420 will run you about $55. Add ons like the Sherlock and the Bubbler will add another $70 or so to the price. Buy the IncrediBowl at: http://theincredibowl.com/.

Bringing us to number 4: Hash Bags…Yep, hash bags…We are makin us some hash…Hash bags are basically a set of mesh screens used to make hash. You will need a bunch of trim, which is available at discounted prices from your local dispensary. Next, gather some ice and purified water, team it with your skill and patience and off we go….A set of five sifting bags (for a 5 gallon bucket) will run you about $80-$120 from http://thetrimshop.org.

Counting down, we are now at number 3: The Hitman Glass Torch Tube. This sucker spits friggin fire and self heats the titanium nail from which you dab your concentrates. Hitman has been making these for a few years now but last year, came out with some designs that are so cool. From Transformers shooting butane fueled guns to dragons breathing blue hot heat, these babies are very cool. And expensive. Maybe as much as a used car. And hard to find. But check out http://aqualabtechnologies.com and maybe they’ll be of some help. I hope so cuz I want one….

Moving on to number 2: The Volcano Vape….The holy grail of smoking machines….Brand new this machine will set you back $539 for a classic model and $670 for one with a digital read out. Even on Craigslist, they are found at about $350. All this ta do over a machine that basically blows hot air over your stash to fill up a glorified turkey bag with vapor. But it works, every time it works….A note from an “expert”, “Ripping a couple of bags with some solid OGs sets me straight for hours–and without burning herb and putting hot, harsh smoke in your lungs.” Giving this is a biggie though. It could be akin to giving an engagement ring. But either way, it’s forever, right? Valcano Vape at http://gotvape.net $699.99.

And finally, number 1!! The bestest and most sought after gift out there……

Legalization of Marijuana across the United States in 2013. Lofty? Yes. But doable. And wouldn’t that make for a Merry Christmas, next year?

Thank you for reading, faithful followers. I will try not to have any glitches in writing coming up. Besides the boyfriend being in and out, NaNoWriMo is starting. NaNo is a challenge. A personal challenge to you, to write a novel (essentually 50,000 words) in one month. It doesn’t have to be good or publishable. It will show you stuff about yourself that will amaze you. You can write about anything that suits you. So get at it. Or at least check it out at http://nanowrimo.org.

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