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The Joseph Gordon Levitt Interview

01 October, 2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt smokes marijuana

Well, folks who care. And I know that’s all of my faithful readers! I’ve gone and done it. I got an apartment. I signed the lease yesterday, a year’s lease. This is my first BIG SINGLE thing since my husband died back in January. This will lead to my first time living alone, completely alone. Brief history: Married in 1973, Momma in 1975, Divorced 1977, *, Married 1980, Divorced 1985 (but Fred moved in right away), Married 1986, Widowed 2013.

Where I put the little “*”, is a 2 year period that I lived alone, sort of. I shared an apartment with my preschool daughter, Elisaba. And I wasn’t entirely alone. Men came and went.

So this is it. My first free flight. Saturday, we move my stuff. I don’t know if I have pots and pans or food, so Lord knows where (or what) I’ll be eating. That may be a problem….

Anyway, I don’t know how tomorrow will go and I usually write my blog on Tuesdays and Fridays, so I am writing it tonight (Thursday). I will submit it and my buddy/cohort, Bud, will do his thing and it still might not post until tomorrow…..

The subject of this blog….Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I have been in love with this man since his “3rd Rock From the Sun” days. I adore how cute he is with Zoey DeChanel and especially love the little songs they put on Facebook. Now, I find out he’s one of us! A Marijuana smoker.

The Joseph Gordon Levitt Interview

Howard Stern was fortunate enough to interview Joseph (since I love him, I will refer to him by his first name) last Tuesday. What he had to say was interesting. When he was asked, flat out, if he preferred drinking or smoking pot; he answered “They’re two very different things. Drinking can be fun sometimes, but…I certainly do [weed] more often…I go through phases sometimes where it’s everyday, it’s not everyday these days.”

We, then, found out that weed makes Howard Stern paranoid. That, I found very interesting, indeed. But back to Joseph. Joseph said that the THC in weed stimulates his creativity. Adding some remarks about “Don Jon”, his new romantic comedy, costarring Scarlett Johansson; he mentioned that he was stoned when he first thought of the comedic aspect of “Don Jon”. The way he uses weed, he feels, has a very positive influence on his creative process.

And Stern being Stern, of course, he questioned further. Joseph, then, admitted a dislike for Cocaine but did admit to enjoying LSD. Joseph’s words were, “I haven’t done it very many times, it’s so powerful. I’ve only done it a handful of times. You have to take care and really do it right.” I do not know what “doing it right” means. To me, “doing it right” could mean doing LSD with Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!

But Joseph continued. “Let me be really clear, you have to be really careful. It’s extremely powerful and you should have someone who is not doing [acid] [around]. You should make sure wherever you did get it [it’s] super trustworthy and someone you know has already taken a dose off it.” This reminded me of the days long ago (early 1970’s) when we would enlist “Tour Guides”. People who’s job it was to stay straight and make sure we all didn’t jump out windows or such. The part about “someone you know has already taken a dose off it” makes me wonder, who? A rumor? Did you hear so and so did a hit of blah blah and had a great time? Or do I have to be Tour Guide on someone else’s trip to see that it’s something I would want to do? Either way, I don’t think at age 57, I’m going to go off looking for LSD. Unless Joseph Gordon-Levitt calls……

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