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Marijuana Myths

27 August, 2013
marijuana myths


Hey peeps!! I am working on something big! Hopefully, in the very near future, hopefully for Friday’s edition, I will have “10 Q with the Stanley Brothers.” If you didn’t know, and you should know, they are the biggest LEGAL growers (and dispensary owners) in Colorado. They are the developers of the ground breaking, mega-healing Charlotte’s Web. (It’s the strain I wrote about last edition.) I have been in contact with their Foundation (Realm of Caring) and have emailed back and forth with Amanda Stanley. My papers are in order and we will see what we shall see…

But that leaves us today. And a blog that must be written. But about what?? So I thought. (That kinda hurts today as I have a horrible headache that nothing is taking it away….) Let’s have some fun with Pot, shall we?

So here we have 7 Marijuana Myths and the true facts behind them:

Myth: Today’s Marijuana is more potent and more harmful than it was many years ago.

Gonna jump in here before the facts part. Anyone as old as I am remembers the $10 Lid. We got a big bag of an ounce of green for $10. I remember smoking then. Got giggly, a little high but felt ok. Fast forward to now. Some of the shit (excuse the language) out there now, will stick you to your chair. So, in my opinion, yes it is more potent. But harmful? Let’s see.

Fact: There is no medical evidence proving that high potency Marijuana is more harmful than low potency Marijuana. Marijuana is one of the least toxic substances known to man. Consuming high potency Marijuana is actually preferable because LESS of it needs to be used to obtain the desired affects. That limits the amount of smoke sucked into the lungs, lowering the risk of respiratory ailments. Claiming high potency Marijuana is more harmful than low potency Marijuana is like saying wine has more alcohol per serving than beer.

Myth: Smoking Marijuana can cause cancer and serious lung damage.

My opinion? Have no opinion. I would prefer that NO one suck crap into their lungs. My husband died of cancer from sucking cigarette smoke into his lungs. We kept him alive longer than science said he’d be alive because of edibles. So me? Not a big fan of smoking ANYthing, big fan of edibles.

Fact: The chance of contracting cancer from smoking Marijuana is very small. Even a light cigarette smoker smokes 10 (half a pack) or more cigarettes a day, usually for decades. No one (no one I know or have heard about or read about) consumes Marijuana in those quantities. (My own Mother use to light a new cigarette off the butt of the previous one. Ever seen a Marijuana smoker do that?) A 1997 UCLA study showed that even prolonged and heavy Marijuana use causes no serious lung damage. Risks of cancer from nitrates/nitrites (in processed meats) or hormones injected into dairy cows have more of a cancer risk than smoking Marijuana. And remember, there are always those edibles!!

Myth: Marijuana contains more than 400 different chemicals, proving Marijuana is dangerous.

No personal opinion here. I am not a scientist, or even someone who is interested in science.

Fact: Coffee contains 1500 different chemicals. Rat poison contains only 30. Check out how your vegetables are grown and in what. There is no correlation between the number of chemicals in a substance and it’s toxicity. Prohibitionists use this info to make Marijuana seem dangerous.

Myth: Marijuana is a gateway drug–it leads to harder drugs.

OK!! Let me pop my 2 cents in right here. I smoked a bit of Marijuana as a teen. Not often, not much. Didn’t smoke again til my 50’s. MY FIFTIES!! Long time. However, inbetween I did the gambit. Cocaine, heroin, Meth, some designer shit and Marijuana had nothing to do with any of it!! My (and I’m sure a few others, I can’t be alone here) gateway drug was BOOZE.

Fact: The US government has statistics that prove over 75% of Americans who use Marijuana NEVER use (or used) harder drugs. The gateway drug theory stems from blatantly flawed logic. Using this logic, alcohol should be called the gateway drug because (here, I was right!!) most cocaine and heroin addicts began their drug use with booze–not Marijuana.

Myth: Marijuana is addicting.

Ok, it’s me again. Don’t see it. Like I said, I smoked a little as a teen. An impressionable young child. A child with poor self esteem. I got addicted to a lot of stuff, Marijuana wasn’t one of them.

Fact: Medical studies rank Marijuana as less addicting than coffee. The legal drugs of tobacco and alcohol are FAR more addicting than Marijuana.

Myth: Marijuana use impairs learning ability.

Ok, known some dumbasses that smoke, but then I know some that never have.

Fact: This is based on a 1996 US study. The key words being “heavy use” and “may.” The study was done on heavy smokers that smoked (heavily) daily. A cross sample representing less than 1% of all Marijuana smokers. The study concluded that the learning impairments were subtle, minimal and very likely temporary. In fact, there is very little evidence that such impairments even exist. Long term memory has NOT been proven to be affected by heavy Marijuana use. Casual users showed no signs of impaired learning. However, heavy alcohol use was shown to be more detrimental to thought and learning than Marijuana use.

Myth: Marijuana is a significant cause of emergency room admissions.

Ok, when I was drinking, I put a plastic lid on a deep fat fryer. Didn’t catch that one til the flames started shooting up. And oh, the time I was chopping onions after some wine. Got the idea I was Bobby Flay or something. Four stitches.

Fact: According to the US government, emergency room admissions due to Marijuana use are increasing. The government bases this on admissions where the “word” Marijuana was MENTIONED anywhere in the medical record. If the patient tests positive from several days previous use, if a drunk driver over legal limit ALSO tests positive for Marijuana, or if anyone involved in a incident had Marijuana on them; the government counts them as Marijuana related emergencies. The facts on this have been carefully stacked by the government to “show” the dangers of Marijuana.

So there you have it. Seven fun facts about Marijuana. Interesting, don’t you think?

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