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Vaporizor Comparison

20 September, 2013
vaporizer comparison blog

As you regular readers know, I like to stick some fun in the old blog every now and again. Sort of shake things up. I mean, we can’t be so serious all the time. Yes, GROWING is our prime focus here at GrowPotPlants.com (I mean, it’s in the name and my buddy, Bud, reminds me of it far too often). I, personally and on my own, have extended that to Prohibition and Legalization topics (things I consider very important to GROWING). But, every now and then, I find something maybe humorous, or informative, or both; that I feel the need to pass on.

This is one of those informative pieces. When it was obvious that my husband, Fred, was terminal with lung cancer (I refuse to use the word “dying” or capitalize cancer), there was no one to really guide us. No big city gurus came forward. No Tommy Chongs. No one. But we were smart enough to figure out that sucking smoke of any kind into his lungs, at this point, could be a bad thing. So we bought a Vaporizor.
It was on our monthly grocery shopping trip to Reno NV. I had stopped at Pirate Tattoo (http://piratetattooreno.com/) to either have Apache Jil (Tong) do a tattoo or just to talk tattoo, I don’t remember which. It was October 3rd, 2011, I do remember that because we always shopped on the 3rd of the month and it was right before our anniversary, our 25th (supposedly a biggie) anniversary. Right down from Pirate is a little hippie store called the Melting Pot (http://meltingpotworldemporium.com/).

Known mostly for “Burner” (stuff you wear or take to Burning Man) array, if you go to the back, behind the beaded curtain, where it says “Do NOT enter if under 18,” you will find the pipes, vapes, and a nice supply of those “turkish” tobaccos that are so popular.

Fred loved to shop there, usually coming out with a nice smallish pipe and a big grin. This time, he eyed the vapes. There were several styles available. We were looking for a nice table model and the Vape-Eaze caught our eye. It comes in several wood tones and a couple of painted colors for you decorators out there. To us, it was NOT cheap. I believe we paid a little under $200 for the unit, whip, and mouth piece. (Later, we would find whips with mouthpieces attached on Ebay for $13 for two. Even later than that, we found the tubing at our local hardware store for, like, 25 cents a foot.) Yes, a bit expensive but it WAS our big 25th anniversary and outside of a cake, I hadn’t bought him anything. (I cannot for the life of me remember what he bought me that year….) So out came the old credit card and off we went with our new vape.

Marijuana Vaporizer Comparison

The Vape-Ease is a wonderful product and worked wonderfully from the beginning. The one we bought was digital so just push a couple of buttons, wait a few minutes to heat (we found 375-400 degrees a very good temperature), and you are good to go. Remember to not over fill or or pack too tight your smoking materials. And enjoy. Maybe hours. Fred had accidently left his on (don’t worry it shuts off automatically after a couple of hours) and went back to it awhile later and enjoyed some more. So a very good buy there!

Another way to go is with the VaporTower (http://paymentplan.VaperTower.com/). It is a taller unit (meaning it can get in the way of things) that also comes in wood hues and, I believe, some colors. The nice thing about the VaporTower is the fact that you can make payments. Yes, three payments of approximately $62 will come off your debit or credit card. They ship after the first payment clears. I, personally, had mega trouble with the VaporTower. It did not seem to get hot enough for the materials I was trying to smoke. Some lower temp materials (camomile, for instance) smoked very well in it. It did not seem suited for my needs. However, the people at the VaporTower company were phenomenal!! They were determined to make me happy. They paid postage to have the unit shipped back to them, and they shipped me a new one. We did this three times. The last try, the guy at VaporTower monkeyed with the dial that determined temperature so it would bottom out at 500 degrees. It still did not ever seem to reach the 375-400 degree mark I was looking for. But they are a very good company, devoted to customer service, and very well may work for you. I would give them a try as their return plan is so great!!

Now, onto Vape Pens. Fred and I bought some of these off of ebay. We thought they’d be a nice assessory to travel with. (Yes, we routinely smoked a joint or Vape as we cruised down the 395 or the 70.) The ones we found were pen like in shape. As I recall, they did not utilize a battery or charger. I believe, you simply put your smoking materials in the chamber, screwed it together, and lit it with a lighter thru a little hole in the end. One we had did take butane and after you filled it, it would light very many times. With that one, you filled the little chamber with smoking materials, screwed it together, and when you were ready, flicked a little lever on the side, igniting the smoking materials. This one was the BEST!! And it only cost us $15 on ebay. (Plus it came in several colors, including a pink one for me!) Looking today though, it seems like corporate America has taken over here too. I did find several on ebay priced from $39-$112. Some used batteries and some used a USB charger. I did not find any that took the butane from before. If you are interested in buying one, want to save your lungs, smoke descreetly, going to a concert; here is a link to a High Times article comparing the most popular types. (http://www.hightimes.com/read/high-times-vaporizer-pen-buyers-guide/)

And there you have it. A nice comparison of Vapes and a happy walk down memory lane with Fred (mostly for me but you’re always welcome to come along…..).

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